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New Orleans

New Orleans at a Glance

Persevering in spite of Hurricane Katrina’s city-wide destruction, New Orleans has quickly re-climbed the ranks as a top US travel destination. The Big Easy has always been a city of mystery and thrills, of energy and passion, of love of life – an eerily perfect balance of past, present and future. Rich in practices and beliefs ranging from traditional to occult, this diverse city is accepting and welcoming to transplants and natives alike. So feel free to stroll while holding hands and pickup that Voodoo doll of your pesky ex that keeps calling. Cause let’s face it, in a city that gives the world Mardi Gras and the gays Southern Decadence, it’s hard to shock anyone.

Though lacking in a true gay-borhood, the burbs of Faubourg Marigny and Bywater have become homes for the local gay community, with plenty of low-key gay bars and restaurants mingling with historic architecture. For a livelier scene (be it more hetero-mixed) hit up the French Quarter – one of the most famous parts of the Crescent City full of some of the most fabulous shopping, restaurants and nightlife the city can offer. Fill up on beignets and gumbo before hitting a Jazz club for a sampling of the best music in the country. Party on Bourbon Street (read Gay Street) where you’ll find bars and clubs to satisfy every taste, including a few you’ve never even heard of, long past those pesky sunrise hours.

As NOLA continues to evolve and rebuild, it can sometimes be hard to keep your finger on the pulse of its homo heart – not to mention that even the straights paint their houses pink and aren’t afraid to bust out feathers and sequins for a party – but with such friendly locals, you can always depend on the kindness of strangers to point the way.

Where to Stay

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Where to Play

The Big Easy is known for nightlife. Whether you want to explore the culture and tastes of the city or try to acquire some Mardi Gras beads, the town is full of places to play.

Get Your Groove On 

Proudly serving the New Orleans gay community 24 hours a day, 7  days a week, 365 days a year for over 34 years, this neighborhood  and tourist favorite is a must. Situated on the corner of St. Anne and  Bourbon Street, this world-famous drinking spot just finished major  renovations. Check out the videos downstairs, or bump and grind  with some hot boys upstairs on the dance floor at Parade. You must  be 18 to party, 21 to drink. 

Click your heels three times and you’ll land on this great and  powerful dance floor. Oz is one of New Orleans best high energy  dance clubs. Since Oz opened its doors, it has been the place to  party until daybreak. The music is hot and the light show will amaze  you. Another amazing thing to see at Oz are the dancing boys. On  the weekends, Oz has some of the hottest men dancing on the bar.  

Neighborhood Gem

    Good Friends

    740 Dauphine Street  
    New Orleans, LA  

The name says it all. Good people, karaoke, and booze.  Celebrating 20 years of getting boys drunk, this “snappy casual”  pub.Visit the Queen’s Head Pub upstairs every Sunday and enjoy  Tommy T at the piano from 4 until 8pm as he plays all your favorites  and leads the most fun sing-a-long in the French Quarter. No visit to  New Orleans is complete without spending a Sunday afternoon  here.  

    Golden Lantern  

    1239 Royal Street  
    New Orleans, LA  

    Tubby’s Golden Lantern is your basic neighborhood drinking spot and the second oldest Gay bar in the City. You’ll find many of N’awlins legends here night after night. As the Official Home of Southern Decadence, this bar is the starting point for the Southern Decadence Parade that marches every Sunday before Labor Day in September. 

    One of the oldest haunts in the Quarter, and the oldest continuously running gay bar in the entire country, this two-story landmark is also one of the friendliest. Just ask the lingering ghost of Tennessee Williams, who frequented this place back in the day. Lafitte’s features two floors of music and video. Downstairs you’ll find the main bar. Upstairs you’ll find a pool table and the balcony! Throw some beads at the boys below from the balcony during Mardi-Gras, but only if they show you the family jewels. 

Levis and Leather

    Lions and tigers and bears… oh my! If you’re into leather, you’ll feel right at home at The Phoenix. This Levi/leather bar is housed in a two-story building on the outskirts of the French Quarter. Crack some balls with your stick on the pool tables downstairs, or take your balls and stick upstairs to the Eagle for a different kind of fun. 

    Rawhide 2010 is the only Leather/Levi bar in the French Quarter.  Two words you will never hear here are "last call!" Completely remodeled in 1995, Rawhide 2010 features a pool table, three video-poker machines, seven friendly bartenders, and a live DJ as well as cold longnecks and “hot” videos. Frequent events and nightly drink specials keep the party hopping as long as you keep going. 

Down and Dirty

    The Corner Pocket is your basic neighborhood bar during the day and early evening. Crowds flock to the club 7 nights a week beginning at 9pm to see the latest dancin’ boys the bar has cornered for its stable. Check out New Meat Night on Fridays amateurs and professionals stripping for a cash jackpot.  

    Le Roundup  

    819 Saint Louis Street  
    New Orleans, LA  

    One of the most unusual bars in New Orleans. From drag queens to transexuals to hot men, you’ll find them here. The crowd at the Roundup is friendly- very friendly, boasting "where the bad boys hang out." 

Bath and Body

    New Orleans’ super-hot (and wet) spot for New Orleans fun! Shed your clothes and cool your (high) heels at the city’s ONLY pool and hot tub party! Bask in the sun, and in the moonlight with the hottest guys in town from early morning until late, late at night. 

Chow Down

In truth, all restaurants in New Orleans are gay friendly, but the following list highlights some of the city’s establishments that have a special connection to New Orleans’ GLBT community.

    Bywater Bar-B-Que 

    3162 Dauphine St. 
    New Orleans, LA 70117 
    (504) 944-4445

    In addition to the bar-b-que of its name, this Southwestern styled joint has a surprisingly diverse menu, including many options for vegetarians. The courtyard offers the perfect atmosphere for a sunny Sunday brunch.

    Clover Grill 

    900 Bourbon St.  
    New Orleans, LA 70116 
    (504) 598-1010

    The witty menu spells out the grill’s fairly typical diner fare which is served up by cheeky, sharp-tongued waiters. The restaurant is well-known for its hamburgers cooked under a hubcap.


    900 Dumaine St. 
    New Orleans, LA 70116 
    (504) 522-7222

    Eat is a chic bistro that reinvents locally loved New Orleans dishes for a modern palate. Open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

    Feelings Café 

    2600 Chartres St. 
    New Orleans, LA 70117 
    (504) 945-2222

    Located in a historic building with an intimate piano bar and beautifully romantic courtyard, the Marigny’s Feelings Café serves fine Creole cuisine for its clientele of friendly regulars.

    K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen  

    416 Chartres Street  
    New Orleans, LA 70130

    (504) 524-7394

    Decades after introducing the world to Cajun cuisine, Chef Paul Prudhomme still serves the classic Louisiana foods and haute Cajun dishes that made him famous. Simple presentation is the rule. Menu items include blackened tuna and blackened yellow fin–a juicy, well-seared fillet. Eggplant pirogue seafood Atchafalaya is a flavorful fried vegetable shell stuffed with mixed seafood.  

    When you enter the Royal Blend Coffee and Tea House in New Orleans, you are welcomed by the calm of their courtyard in the heart of the bustling French Quarter. Sip coffee or tea by the fountain and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dessert outdoors.

What to See

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What’s the Scoop?

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Lowdown on Gay Rights

Statewide Relationship Recognition  

NO Licenses marriages for same-sex couples

NO Honors marriages of same-sex couples from other jurisdictions

NO Relationship recognition for same-sex couples 

Louisiana law and the state constitution both purport to ban recognition of marriages between same-sex couples. There are no other forms of relationship recognition for same-sex couples in state law or policies. 

Statewide Hate Crimes Laws:  

YES Protection based on Sexual Orientation

NO Protection based on Gender Identity 

Louisiana hate crimes law includes "actual or perceived" gender and sexual orientation, but as yet, Louisiana has not addressed gender identity-based violence under these provisions of the hate crime law. La. R.S. 14: 107.2 (2002). 

Statewide Sodomy Laws 

Louisiana’s sodomy law was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26, 2003, as a result of the Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas, No. 02-102 (U.S. June 26, 2003). 

Statewide Non-Discrimination Laws 

NO Sexual Orientation Protection

NO Gender Identity Protection 

Statewide Healthcare 

Louisiana law does not allow for a partner to make decisions on behalf of his or her incapacitated same-sex partner in the absence of an express advance directive. §  40:1299.53. 

Statewide Employment Protections 

NO Private employment protections based on sexual orientation.

NO Private employment protections based on gender identity.

YES Public (state) employment protections based on sexual orientation.

NO Public (state) employment protections based on gender identity. 

In 2003 Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco issues an executive order banning discrimination based on sexual orientation against state employee 

Statewide Parenting Laws

Who May Adopt:  Louisiana law permits a single person or a married couple jointly to petition to adopt. 

Same Sex Couples: State law provides that a husband and wife may jointly petition to adopt, and does not explicitly provide for joint adoption by other couples. No state court has heard the issue of whether same-sex couples can or can not jointly petition to adopt. 

The legal information provided on this page is provided as a courtesy to Get Gay Travel clients. It is not designed to serve as legal advice. Get Gay Travel would like to thank the Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal for the reference materials. Due to the ever-changing nature of legal matters some of the information may not be current or comprehensive. 

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